Friday is Crunchie, not Jameson whiskey

Jameson spring

Jameson 40% alcohol on Facebook

“Thank Crunchie its Friday” belongs to Cadburys, not Pernod Ricard

To see Pernod Ricard hijack the slogan for their assault on Facebook, is highly provocative

Alcohol brands flood Facebook with content to seek engagement with fans in the form of likes, comments and shares. Brands strategically arrange the timing and content of their posts to engage with users in real-time. The most common day for alcohol brands to post is Friday.

The alcohol industry has developed an extensive, real-time,culturally embedded mode of branding on Facebook

This Jameson image from Facebook is just one example. They don’t have to mention this fact; Jameson is a bottle of 40% pure alcohol. A highly toxic, addictive, psychoactive drug that can do serious damage to persons health.

This information is critical. The consumer has a right to be informed

As long as Facebook offers an unregulated platform to promote alcohol brands, companies like Pernod Ricard will exploit the opportunity


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