Too much wine

If you travel from Nimes to Perpignan in the South West of France, you see much of the Languedoc Rousillon region given over to the production of wine. France is the biggest producer of wine in the world and consumes most of it in these parts. That’s because there is little demand for it abroad, the quality is too questionable and variable

The consumption of so much alcohol has inevitable consequences for health. Much has been made of the health benefits of red wine, mostly by the French themselves when they saw consumption slipping. Any benefits you get from the resveratrol in red wine for the heart, is more than outweighed by other diseases

The French have a tough choice, to move all this production away from wine and into food

Wine producers understandably don’t want to, but the authorities have little option

Demand for fruit and veg. is outpacing cheap alcohol. There are big benefits in the long-term

Less cancer, liver cirrhosis and road accidents

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