Jameson 40% alcohol by Pernod Ricard


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Two great acts distilled into one great performance. That’s what Bow Street Sessions are all about.
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Guinness 5% alcohol, women a key target.




Guinness 5% alcohol, not to be taken if pregnant.


midnight_epiphany#birthday dinner out with my parents (bday was on the 6th but this was our first chance to go out) and due to my recent discovery of #jasonmomoa and his oh-so-adorable passion for a certain #Irish #beer, I decided to celebrate the big #52 by losing my #guinness virginity! 🍺
Also had crab & apricot beignets, peach & spinach salad, carne asada with parmesan sweet potato fries, and finished off with Linzer coffee. Everything was so yummy!

Brother, cousins, baby and Guinness 5% alcohol.