Bacardi loves music festivals

bacardi pirated

As the sodden make their way home, Bacardi are mopping up

Bacardi buy exclusive rights to Indiependence to get a young, captive market for the weekend

Bacardi have been pushing their heavy alcohol on social media, buddying up to Indiependence goers with free tickets

Without having to mention Bacardi is 37.5% pure alcohol

Or give warnings that heavy alcohol is very dangerous for your health

They have freedom to do this because places like Facebook and Twitter are beyond regulation

Easy money for Bacardi

Our brain is inconceivable, beyond imagination


The brain is made up of an inconceivable number of cells

An “enchanted loom” is how Charles Sherrington described the interconnected net of cells that make up our three-pound control centre. Indeed there is something almost magical in the notion that all our mental processes from perception, to memory to consciousness itself, can be described entirely by cellular activity in the brain.

The basic functional unit of the brain is the neuron, a special cell that sends electrochemical signals to other neurons (across a “synaptic gap”) and thereby creates those patterns that make up what we think of as the mind.

The complexity of the task requires a fairly inconceivable 100 billion neurons, interconnected via trillions of synapses. A single firing neutron might communicate to thousands of others in a single moment. No computer comes close to the complexity of these communicating bits of organic matter.

What’s more, for each neuron there are 10 to 15 glial cells providing structural support, protection, resources and more.


Alcohol is a drug that goes to the brain, interfering with the cells, disrupting the communication. That is why after a few drinks we have difficulty thinking, talking, walking, eating. The more alcohol, the more out of control.

Why do we consciously interfere with the workings of this incredible machine?

If we knew how much damage we were doing to our brain, would we drink as much?

Would we drink at all?

Keith Floyd on pleasure

I drink whisky, I drink beer, I drink wine. I love fatty pork and beef on the bone. I eat chocolate, fish and chips and caviar and drink vodka. I drink instant coffee but adore a Spanish cafe solo. I eat chillies, ginger and garlic. I adore pungent blue cheeses like Roquefort and Gorgonzola and Danish Blue. I love liver with fried onions and I enjoy ice cream and hot chocolate sauce between cigarettes. I drink Champagne on occasion, aquavit rarely, gin and tonic occasionally. I love apples and Mars bars. In fact I am a chocaholic. Actually I am a kind of gastronomic tramp. I am too hungry for dinner at eight, and sometimes at breakfast a curry is great. Ossobuco in an Italian service station can please, an ignorantly served hamburger can bring you to your knees. For me the whole thing about eating and drinking is whatever gives you pleasure, enjoyment and fun

Sadly Keith Floyd died of a heart attack at 66. From the book Floyd Uncorked by Jonathan Pedley with Keith Floyd


The land of potatoes and Guinness…and more Guinness

This stage Irish characterisation is taken from;

The context; Top 10 beer drinking countries – Ireland is ranked 4th in the world. It continues;

So the stereotype of Paddy’s enjoying their Guinness does have some grounding then. With a per capita consumption of 104 litres, Ireland is firmly in 4th place in the list of top beer drinking countries in the world. Guinness sales top 1.5billion pints worldwide and we wonder how many are consumed by the natives themselves

We should thank Guinness for this then? No way. We grew up in a country where Guinness  is good for you. Your national pride was measured by how many pints you could drink. A mindset arrogantly nurtured by Guinness over generations.

You would think the natives would cop on by now? Not if Guinness have their way. Guinness alcohol is inseparably linked with sport, music, and anything close to the heart of the young Irish man. They continue to pour money into sponsorship

There is a change. Growing concern for one’s health. Alcohol is a serious threat


Friday is Crunchie, not Jameson whiskey

Jameson spring

Jameson 40% alcohol on Facebook

“Thank Crunchie its Friday” belongs to Cadburys, not Pernod Ricard

To see Pernod Ricard hijack the slogan for their assault on Facebook, is highly provocative

Alcohol brands flood Facebook with content to seek engagement with fans in the form of likes, comments and shares. Brands strategically arrange the timing and content of their posts to engage with users in real-time. The most common day for alcohol brands to post is Friday.

The alcohol industry has developed an extensive, real-time,culturally embedded mode of branding on Facebook

This Jameson image from Facebook is just one example. They don’t have to mention this fact; Jameson is a bottle of 40% pure alcohol. A highly toxic, addictive, psychoactive drug that can do serious damage to persons health.

This information is critical. The consumer has a right to be informed

As long as Facebook offers an unregulated platform to promote alcohol brands, companies like Pernod Ricard will exploit the opportunity


Heineken love festivals too..

Heineken Sound atlas

Heineken are big sponsors of music festivals. This is for Electric Picnic

They offer the whole  inclusive experience

You can

  1. Win tickets on Facebook
  2. Catch the Brooklyn Block Party when you get there
  3. Drink pints of Heineken

Comprehensive. Integrated. Total Marketing. Alcohol.