Drinkaware is the smokescreen for the drinks companies. Below is a cynical attempt to associate alcohol with authentic child nurturing and development.

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The summer solstice marks the official first day of summer. After a year of lockdowns, strain and worry, we all want to make it a summer to remember. We still need to be mindful, of course, making sure we stick to all the Covid-19 rules to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our communities safe. But after a year when so many milestones have been missed, let’s get creative, get together and make some memories. Check our webpage for inspiration and share your #SafeSummer #MakeMemories #BeDrinkAware

Melissa Riddell sells Peroni.#asahi

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In Italian culture, there is a ritual of giving Panettone; it is not just a simple act of kindness, but a gesture rich in history and tradition. It’s a form of gifting that brings people together. This Christmas, @peroniireland has created a ‘Momento di Peroni,’ inspired by the Panettone. We want to give you the chance to experience the beers together that you may have missed out on throughout the year. I am giving away 10 of these Peroni Panettone inspired packs ✨ For your chance to win one, comment below and tell me what you have missed this year. Each has two bottles, two glasses, maize snacks and an opener. Make sure you’re following @peroniireland and me too! For me, it’s the birthday beers with friends, but also the unplanned nights that always end up being the best ever! Those moments don’t have to be lost, let’s revisit and re experience them ❤️ #PeroniNastroAzzurro #VitaConStile #MomentoDiPeroni ##TrueItalianStyle #ad2d