Drinking is something you start early. By the time you realise the damage you’re doing you are fooked. Guinness. Slainte! @DublinAirport #alcoholad

Dublin Airport


Loopy would like to point out to all those complaining about the size of the head on his pint that he also likes a dash of blackcurrant in his Guinness. Slainte! 馃嵒 馃巹

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Dublin Airport


Dec 3, 2022

Loopy is kicking back and enjoying his Saturday 馃嵒.

Dublin airport sell Absolut vodka 40% alcohol for Pernod Ricard #alcoholad #cheapalcohol

Keep it simple and refreshing with a classic Absolut Vodka Soda.

With just two ingredients, mix one part vodka to 4 parts soda water. Garnish with a lime wedge, sit back and enjoy.

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