Diageo put Steve Gilsenan out front.#alcoholad

“As Guinness Global Head of Quality, I am the guardian of all aspects of #Guinness product quality, my purpose is to bring quality Guinness to more places and spaces across the globe and Guinness MicroDraught does exactly that. This new cutting-edge technology serves beautiful, fresh Guinness Draught on tap to outlets around the world, no matter their size or setup. My role has been to ensure that the unit consistently delivers a beautiful Guinness every time, from supporting the design of the unit to turning my home bar into a laboratory, I have been part of an amazing team of people, across design, #innovation, quality, procurement and marketing to bring #MicroDraught to life. Personally, it’s a real career highlight for me and it’s only just the start.” Steve Gilsenan

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Diageo put Dolores and Gloria Guinness out front

gloria and dolores guinness


The way we were. Metro Society style icons – mother and daughter: Dolores and Gloria Guinness wearing Balenciaga for French Vogue in 1957. From the 1950’s through to the end of the 1970’s they graced the society pages of fashion magazines. Stuff of legend, these two ladies led an existence that combined the high life, the best of the best, all underpinned with elegance and classic grace, and often laced with tragedy. Attending all the smart parties, being seen in all the right places, following the seasons around the globe, this mother, daughter act were repeatedly honored on the best dressed lists and considered iconic in the fashion world. Close to mirror images of one another they were each other’s inspiration to set the standard. Gloria leading by example, Dolores following up with a more moedern twist. (Photo: Henry Clarke/ @madameei)
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