Melissa Riddell drinks Peroni alcohol

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2020 has been a difficult year, filled with many challenges and lessons. One of the best things I have learned is to appreciate the power of the small things in life – Like a simple walk and having a beer with friends. “La Passeggiata” is a little gift from Italy. It’s a ritual where people take to the streets in the evening to meet and reconnect with others and to show off their true style! Peroni Nastro Azzuro encouraged me to enjoy my own “Passeggiata” , (Check it out on my stories!) We strolled along the cobblestoned streets of Cathedral Quarter. It’s impossible to miss the intense coffee aroma in the air as you pass Established coffee – something I missed so much during lockdown! We continued along commercial court, one of my favourite little streets in all of Belfast! It’s such a good insta spot, I grabbed a photo on the red benches under the twinkling lights, couldn’t resist! We walked, we talked, we laughed, it was genuinely so fun! & now I’m home, wrapping my passeggiata up in style and enjoying another little gift from Italy – @peroniireland ❤️ I encourage you to do the same! #WalkWithUs #VitaConStile #TrueStyle #PeroniNastroAzzurro #ad

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