Ciara O’Doherty with La Fée Verte absinthe. If you drink this you’re in big trouble. La Fée is 68% pure alcohol.

La Fée Verte 🧚🏻 The Green Fairy 🍸💚Halloween in lockdown wasn’t going to stop me dressing up as the fabled Absinthe Fairy this year – even though I think I’m giving off major Tinkerbell vibes 🙈💚 Anyhow, there’s a new HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #CocktailswithCiara episode live on my YouTube this evening 🎃🎬 I’m making Halloween Cocktails and chatting about Samhain and it’s Irish roots☘️ Link in my bio to watch, hoping you enjoy! ❤️ Cx #halloween #halloweenmakeup #halloweencostume #halloween2020 #greenfairy #absinthe #absinthefairy #fairy #fairycore43w

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