Guinness use women

Screenshot_2020-06-29 #guinness hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

One of those facebook look back on today’s post was a quote . “If I close my eyes will it all go away” The answer is no. This is a photo of part of what I wanted for my birthday . I wanted to be 27 like the episode of friends with my girls drinking beers in a wedding dress. Although my birthday was so different than I imagined it was sweet. Friends and family found other ways to make it special. Instead of wishing it away I put on my nursing prom dress and drank #guinness. If you aren’t happy what can you do to change the outcome.
Reach out to your friends.
Get up and do that workout you talk about.
Speak out without fear of judgement.
Think of three things you are grateful for.
Don’t just close your eyes get up and make that change.
#survivor #freedom #fear #zerojudge #selflove #Speak #Listen# #powerfulwomen #feminist #womeninspiringwomen #advocate

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